Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Top Ten List - #9: "24"

I really struggled yesterday to create a blog entry with a "Thanksgiving Thankful" theme. But gosh dang, there are just so many things in my life to be thankful for, plus yesterday was a bit of a busy day I just could not narrow my focus for a decent posting.

So as a result, I gave my self the day off from blogging.  It was a holiday after all, right?

But now, the day after Thanksgiving, I have some time to reflect.

Of course I"m thankful for the obvious... my family, friends, health, job, and my yankee in-laws. (OK honey, you can put the gun down now.)

But if I had created one of my goofy top ten lists for Thanksgiving, I probably would include on the "thankful" list somewhere between number 5 and number 9 the TV series "24".

I really don't watch many network TV series... Before I got hooked on "24" during its fifth season, I think the last shows I watched with any regularity were "Dallas", "L.A. Law" and "Miami Vice".

But now I ask myself, "Self, what is it about that "24" TV show that keeps you watching it?".

First, I'd have to say it appeals to my inner "conservative" leanings. There doesn't seem to be anything "librul" about the lead character of the show, Jack Bauer.

But also, it provides a bit of hope that some government agencies when led by competent people, can focus on their primary mission and provide a valuable service to its citizens. While I admit I do lean conservative, I still believe their are positive things that government can do for the people if they stick to the original intent of the law and not try to overreach.  Social Security and the Tennessee Valley Authority are my two favorite examples, but those will be topics for another day.

Of course there are other things about the show that appeal to me... the suspense, the non-stop action, the technology used in the show, and the "geeky" characters that continuously spout computer jargon.

And I've got to admit since I began watching the series and Netflixing some of the older ones, I've actually developed a bit of an emotional attachment to some of the regular characters.... Jack Bauer of course, but also Chloe O'Brian, and Bill Buchanan.

Heck, when Bill Buchanan was killed in the show last season, I've got to admit I felt a bit of sadness.  But I soon realized that I was not the only one sadden by Bill's demise as seen in this posting from another blogger.

So I guess in this age of reality shows, the "talking heads" on the cable news networks, not to mention the plethora of comedies and dramas that seeem to have distinct "librul" leanings, I'm thankful for an ongoing action series that appeals to people like me.

(I'm also thankful it's only 46 days until the next season of "24" begins!)


Anonymous said...

I've not really analyzed why I like "24", other than the obvious - Jack Bauer is da bomb! And, like you, I haven't been interested in a TV series in a very long time to the point that I not only record it to keep from missing it, but I also feel attached to the characters. (Of course there is the added plus that I can then skip the plethora of commercials and watch an hour long program in 25-30 minutes.) But now that you've brought it to my attention, you may be right - "24" may be the only non-"librul" TV show going these days, although I would encourage you to check out Sons of Anarchy.