Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finally... An Accurate Pie Chart

Newt Gingrich uses his cerebralness to pick an education advisor who has ZERO experience as a teacher.

The education system in the U.S. is behind other countries because we spend less time school. Wait, WHAT? That's not true????

12 Most Useful Ways Kids Can Learn With Cell Phones... In other news, devices banned from most schools can enhance student learning.

Something too serious for a smarmy headline...

Infographic of the Day: Is College Really Worth It? 

Picture of the day... A real pie chart.


davidlegg said...

I have used Wiffiti in the past-- it is great for certain applications. I used it on WOVI's web page to display listener comments and song requests. I used it in class to get comments and questions from the class during intense presentations. You can filter comments for strong language, and you can set the site to hold all posts until you've previewed them.